Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content

Everyone is telling us to repurpose our content into specific media, right? So, what is conserving you lower back? For a few people, I’m certain it’s both a loss of technical talents or just overthinking the complete procedure.
To help you out, I determined to take some exceptional PLR articles and actually reveal what they are able to appear like whilst you repurpose them. For a lot of those, it is going to be a first-time attempt, so don’t be amazed if they may be now not perfect! We all need to begin somewhere :).

To start with, I took one of the loose PLR articles right here at Business Content PLR, positioned it into PowerPoint, after which recorded it as a video. I then uploaded the whole thing to YouTube.
The whole technique became tremendously simple. I wasn’t aiming for perfection or fancy consequences right here. The idea was to take one article and quickly placed it into video format.
Here’s the video I produced, accompanied by means of the manner that I used:
Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Pick an article it’s round 500 phrases lengthy
    Mine turned into over seven hundred, so the video ended up being about 5 mins, that is simply too long for maximum people.
  2. Open it in Word
    Click on “View” inside the top menu, then on “Outline”
  3. Prepare your mentioned report for PowerPoint
    Each “bullet factor” for your outline view might be a slide when you import it into PowerPoint
    Take out the bulleted traces that haven’t any text
    Use tough returns (“input”) to break up longer paragraphs in order that there’s no more than one or sentences per bullet/slide
    Highlight all your text and format it as Level 1. This choice can be found within the formatting container beneath the “Outlining” tab. It will say “Body Text” in the beginning, so just click on on it to look all of the Level alternatives.
    You can also spotlight some bullets to be Level 2. This will cause them to display up as bullet factors on the Level 1 slide that is simply earlier than that textual content.
    Highlight all your text and choose a font and colour. You can get fancier, however don’t waste time.
    Save the whole lot. You’re now geared up to open the object in PowerPoint
  4. Open the record in PowerPoint and layout it
    When you go to open the document, ensure your talk container says “All files” so you can see your doc
    When you open the file, you will see that every one the bullet points from the mentioned article show up as man or woman slides, with the textual content inside the title area.
    Click on “View” after which on “Slide Master” (fifth alternative from the left). By editing the slide grasp, you may layout the entire presentation.
    You can alter in which the name will display up on the slide. I put it in the center. Body text that shows up in Level 2 can be moved slightly underneath.
    I additionally inserted my logo and put it inside the decrease left.
    Then simply pick out distinctive colours and backgrounds to fit your needs. If you have already got a favourite shade scheme installation, on the way to be fastest. Otherwise, choosing one in every of Word’s preset topics is brief, clean, and appears professional.
    Close the Master View (pink X on proper) and your presentation need to be all formatted.
    Go thru every slide to see if whatever wishes adjusting.
    Add transitions by using clicking on the Transitions tab at the pinnacle. I used “Wipe”. Then click on “Apply to All” on the right facet.
    You can upload different snap shots and animations in case you want to get more innovative, however do not let it gradual you down.
    Don’t forget to feature a very last slide that has a call to motion and your website url.
  5. Record your video.
    For purposes of this academic, I used Camtasia. You can document your video quick with Camtasia by using clicking on the “Add-Ins” tab on the pinnacle.
    Make sure the icon for “recording audio” is highlighted
    Make certain you have got your headset or microphone on.
    Click on the “Record” button and do a brief microphone check to peer in case your mic is operating
    Click at the record button and start talking via your presentation as Camtasia statistics it.
    When you are completed, save the report and click on at the Edit in Camtasia option
  6. Edit and produce your video
    When the video opens in Camtasia you can then edit any little bits you would possibly have messed up.
    As for settings, I used the YouTube dimensions due to the fact that it is wherein I planned to percentage it.
    For errors, I prefer to just redo the video for something so quick, as opposed to spend a while editing out little bits.
    You can upload in some track by means of importing it and dragging it onto the timeline. Or pick out one from Camtasia’s library. I simply used considered one of theirs.
    If you upload song, make sure to decrease the quantity and set it to fade in and fade out. These options are inside the audio tab.
    Test the whole thing to see how it sounds. My voice become clearly too quiet, so I know I’ll have to speak up subsequent time!
    Finally, just click on on the “Produce and share” choice to produce your video and share it on YouTube.
    When you proportion it to YouTube, make certain to include an awesome description that has your url at the beginning, as well as key-word tags so you may be observed.
    That’s it. Now all you have to do is allow the world understand about your new video. Post it for your weblog, pin it in your Pinterest board, percentage it on social media, and so on., and so on.
    So, what do you watched? Do you have got any more pointers for creating movies from articles? Maybe a way that less complicated than mine? Please share!!

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